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You don’t drive detours to refuel and you don’t waste time at gas stations. Your vehicle is refueled overnight and you start each morning with a full tank.

Unique advantages of FuelMaker

  • ideal for 1-2 vehicles
  • needs little space
  • delivered turnkey and quickly installed
  • only needs electricity and gas connection
  • High economic efficiency due to comparatively modest capital costs
  • minimal maintenance effort
  • expandable
  • FuelMaker: simultaneous refueling of 2 vehicles possible

Technical specifications
Model: FuelMaker FMQ 2.5

Maximum filling pressure: 200bar at 20°C (temperature compensated)
Inlet pressure: 20 … 140mbar
Nominal flow rate: 3 Nm3/h
Ambient temperature range: -40° … +45°C
Power supply: 230 Volt AC, 50 Hz
Maximum power consumption: 1.3 kW
Sound level: 45 dB(A) at 5 m distance
Dimensions L x W x H: 540 x 500 x 990 mm
Weight: 66 kg
Number of filling hoses: 1 or 2, for filling two vehicles

Expansion options

FuelMaker units can be combined with a high pressure storage tank at a later stage and upgraded as a fast refueling system (BONSAI type) for small fleets (5 – 10 vehicles).

Your natural gas filling station is thus successively expanded and adapts to your growing vehicle fleet.