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apex AG wins the InnoPrix SO 2023
of Baloise Bank Ltd

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30 years of worldwide experience in the use of gases as fuels (LPG, natural gas, biogas, hydrogen) form the basis of our activities for you. Our claim is the early recognition of trends and the proactive conversion into innovative services for you is our goal.


We identify with the values that are essential for you

We are near you and we understand your needs
You will be served by us quickly and reliably
They appreciate our close cooperation with you
Sie können sich auf unsere Pünktlichkeit und Effizienz verlassen

Basic messages

We closely monitor the development of the global markets for natural gas, biogas and hydrogen as vehicle fuels for you. The early identification of trends and their significance for you is at the heart of our services.

We will assist you in selecting the appropriate equipment and services for the long-term, reliable operation of your investment.

Special attention is paid to the overall package of price/performance ratio, long-term operating costs and expandability of the plants.

We are committed to continuous development. We respond proactively to changes and quickly translate new insights into market-driven, innovative services. This benefits you directly.

You receive long-term support – this means you do not have to acquire the specific know-how yourself.

Our services are constantly being can look forward to new things.