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Biogas processing

For several years, we have been developing small biogas upgrading plants that fit synergistically with our traditional business. The new mainstay expands Apex’s range of services and contributes to the energy transition.

We design, build and support biogas upgrading plants and offer comprehensive services as a “one-stop-shop”. For this, we relied on membrane technology from Evonik Fibres GmbH. We operate our own upgrading plants for grid injection and as a biogas filling station.

Sewage gas or biogas consists of about 60% methane, the main component of natural gas. Biogas, upgraded to natural gas quality, can be fed into the natural gas grid or used directly as fuel for vehicles. Der ökologische Nutzen ist unbestritten: diese erneuerbare Energie ist CO2-neutral.
Many Swiss biogas and wastewater treatment plants produce relatively small amounts of biogas, almost exclusively for electricity production. At the same time, the waste heat can hardly be used, especially in summer.
Processing to natural gas quality has created a new, ecological alternative to electricity production that greatly reduces the waste heat generated.

Your advantages

We provide comprehensive support for your plant: construction, installation, operation, maintenance
You can find us near you
You appreciate our proximity and quick response
Spare parts store
We maintain a large spare parts warehouse and are thus quickly ready for use
Economic efficiency
The economic efficiency and longevity of your plant are close to our hearts
You take advantage of our synergies with our "natural gas filling stations" business unit
You benefit directly from our developments

A number of variants ideally meet your needs

  • The "BlueFEED" types prepare biogas for feeding into the natural gas grid
  • The types "BlueBONSAI" prepare biogas for refueling of natural gas/biogas vehicles
  • They are modular in design and partially expandable for raw gas volumes up to 100 Nm3/h

Are you planning a biogas upgrading plant or looking for a service partner....we are happy to help.